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The Magic of Disney At Home ~ Our Disney Side “Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique” Inspired At Home Celebration

by Susan Pazera

I received free products in order to host the Disney Side @Home Celebration
All opinions expressed here are my own.

This past weekend my family created some Disney magic right in our own home as we hosted a “Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique” inspired Disney Side @Home Celebration.  A posse of Princesses showed up for an afternoon of pampering, yummy food, and lots of fun! My daughters and I have enjoyed our many visits to the Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique in the Magic Kingdom. So, I wanted to bring some of that special royal treatment to our guests. It was such a great time! Everyone loved having some Disney smiles and sunshine to brighten up what’s been a long cold winter here!disneysideprepprincesschairnails3nails1nails2diningroomWe set up our sunroom as a spa area with a nail and hair station then my teenage Fairy Godmother assistants got to work turning the little pumpkins into Princesses!


As each Royal Guest was awaiting their special treatment they watched FROZEN and, of course, they couldn’t help but break out into song!

Once everyone had dry nails and looked “practically perfect” they enjoyed Mickey Mouse shaped Pizza and Mickey Cupcakes! The Mickey Shaped Pizza was made using a cookie cutter and the cupcakes were so simple;
all I did was make cupcakes as usual and then added mini-oreos for our Mouse ears! So easy and they were a big hit!! 
Next up was T-Shirt decorating with Disney themes. The kids all loved this idea. I mean c’mon. I don’t think there’s a Princess out there that doesn’t want to add to her wardrobe! Included in the Disney Side @Home Celebration Kit  I received were Hanes ComfortSoft t-shirts and fabric markers, perfect for creative craft time and as a take-home gift from the celebration! The whole crew had a wonderful time creating their own unique designed T. Plus, it was a quick and easy clean up afterward! What’s better than a non-messy craft??!!grouptshirtkidst-shirtmax2shirtashleytannatlaureltshirt2
We had an amazing afternoon  and we’re looking forward to doing another Disney-themed celebration soon. If you’d like to show your Disney Side by hosting your own Disney Side @Home Celebration  I encourage you to visit disneysidecelebrations.com and spoonful.com for ideas, inspiration, recipes, activities, crafts and much more! You can also show your Disney Side by visiting disneyside.com where you can share and view photos and videos and even start to plan your own special visit to Disney Parks! Any day is a good day to experience Disney at Home! So join the fun….you just may have some happy Princesses give you smiles! 
happyprincess happyprincess1 happyprincess3 happpyprincess2
***I received free product in order to host the Disney at Home Celebration. The opinions expressed here are my own***

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