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10 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Young Man (or Any Man) in Your Life

by Rebecca Plaisance

Holiday shopping for my teens has become increasingly difficult. Trying to find something that is not just “stuff” to clutter up their rooms, something that they will actually use and then something that they will love makes for the perfect storm of a shopping nightmare. First, finding holiday gift ideas that speak to their personality and interests is important especially for teens. Of course, take the time to take their special interest into account. Finally, building a gift set based on their interest is a great way to show that you really get them.

We have rounded up 10 gift ideas that even the most difficult to shop for teen will love.

Holiday Gift Ideas

  • Movie tickets and treats: Pair tickets to a movie (like the new Justice League movie) and package them up with their favorite movie treat or a shirt with their favorite Justice League character. This is also a great way to have a built-in date night for you and your teen.
  • Gear: New soccer cleats and a ball, a jersey and beanie with their favorite sports team’s logo or one of those awesome vinyl wall decals of their favorite player. You can never go wrong when you let their team colors fly!

  • Earbuds with a music gift card or subscription to a music plan: Let them make their own playlists and enjoy their tunes through their new earbuds.
  • Books that enhance their lives: Check out books that help teens learn new habits. You can even get one for yourself and build new habits together.

  • New backpack: Have a kid who loves the outdoors? Get a new backpack and fill with flint, a new rain jacket, pocket knife, hiking map, hiking socks, etc.
  • Something he can use: Gillette has created special Justice League-themed gift sets. The sets are filled with products your teen will want to use including a premium Gillette razor, body wash, shaving gel and more. The best part of these sets is that they contain up to $30 worth of product and then start at only $9.88 at Walmart. 


  • Gift cards: A gift card from Walmart makes a great stocking stuffer, giving them the chance to pick out what they really want. It’s a great thing to pair with any of the other gift ideas on this list. 
  • LED Home Projector: Have a kid who loves to make movies? Let them take their movie making to the next level and then screen the film for the family.
  • Fitness Tracker and Workout Gear: Give a fitness tracker paired with a pull-up bar, running shoes or training equipment.
  • Snack Pack: Fill a basket with their favorite treats. Fill it with gum, chips and add in the homemade cookies that he loves you to make. A basket filled with all the treats they don’t get on a regular basis is sure to be a hit.


Shopping for the man in your life doesn’t have to be difficult. With a little creativity, you can pull together memorable holiday gift ideas that he will love.

Finally, if you want to grab one of the Gillette Justice League holiday gift sets, they’re available for a limited time at your local Walmart or at Walmart.com/GilletteJusticeLeague. I love that these are not just more “stuff” to pile up. Your guys can enjoy and then use them for months after the holidays.

*This post was sponsored by Gillette at Walmart, all opinions expressed are those of the author.

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