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Community Service Hours Ideas for Teens

by Susan Pazera

Community Service Hours Ideas For Teens

Community service hours requirements seem to be a growing trend at many schools and extra-curricular clubs. However, it can be a challenge to find places for students to get the service hours that they need. One of the easiest ways to decide where your teen should volunteer is to consider their personality and look for opportunities that fit. When the fit is right, volunteer hours are a pleasure to complete! These volunteer service hours ideas for teens help get you going in the right direction.

Community Service Hours Ideas:

Tutoring Younger Students

Outgoing teens who are strong in specific subjects can give time by tutoring younger students. Check with local schools or after-school programs to see if there are available opportunities.

Teaching Technology to Seniors

Older generations sometimes struggle with the technology skills they need to stay in touch with loved ones. They might need help understanding how to set up online billing accounts. Call up your local senior center and offer to work one-on-one with or teach a technology class to seniors.

Be a Tour Guide at a Local Museum

Have a love of history and enjoy sharing with others? Check with local museums, zoos, or similar locations for opportunities to serve as a tour guide or docent. You’ll learn more facts about a favorite subject while sharing your knowledge!

Assistant Coach a Youth Sports Team

Outgoing athletes will have a great time guiding younger players and helping them hone their skills. Local Little Leagues, football programs, swim clubs, and more are always looking for more volunteers to help their athletes grow and develop.

Deliver Food to Homebound Seniors

If you have a heart for the older generation and reliable transportation, consider volunteering for a local food delivery program for the elderly. There may be age limitations on driving for these programs, but you can partner with a parent or older sibling for a great volunteer opportunity.

Become a Peer Counselor

Youth organizations and counseling centers are often looking for outgoing teens to reach out and talk to peers who are in crisis situations. Many times, training will be required, but programs like these are often wonderful volunteer service hours ideas.

Volunteer to Help Local Special Olympics Athletes

Help special needs youth overcome physical and developmental obstacles as they train to compete in the Special Olympics. Outgoing teens are perfect for these positions and the athletes love connecting with others close to their age.

Help at the Local Library

If your local library has story times or after school or weekend activities for younger children, they may be in need of some help. Outgoing teens that are full of energy and enjoy helping children will find this a very enjoyable experience.

Give Time to a Local Women’s Shelter

Though there are some important guidelines to helping at a women’s shelter, responsible, outgoing teens may find a wonderful opportunity here. Often, the residents may have children with them and require babysitting while they look for jobs or handle other important business.

Volunteer at Ronald McDonald House

The Ronald McDonald House program accepts teens for volunteer positions. If you have a local children’s hospital, then see if their RMH location is in need of assistance. You may prepare meals, help with laundry or cleaning, or handle reception, among other tasks.

If you know where to look, there are so many volunteer service hours ideas to be found. And outgoing, energetic teens are always in high demand!

Community Service Hours Ideas For Teens
Community Service Hours Ideas


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