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Parenting Teens - Then And Now Celebrate The Accomplishments

by Susan Pazera


This post is sponsored by the Center for Parent and Teen Communication. All opinions (and memories!) are my own.

Parenting Teens Then and Now Celebrate the Accomplishments


I remember how you would greet each day with boundless energy and enthusiasm. The couch, stairway banister, and countertops were your own personal indoor gymnasium equipment. You would flip on and off, slide down, or scale anything that was in your way, shaking off bumps or bruises from any mishaps with a “Did you see that, Mommy?” Always beaming with a sly “I’m up to something” smile that would often turn into a hearty belly laugh as you dashed off to climb the kitchen table and conquer a bowl of goldfish crackers.

Parenting Teens Then and Now Celebrate the Accomplishments


I’ve seen you channel your energy into a commitment and dedication to the sport of Gymnastics. You spend long hours in the gym and at home practicing your routines, working tirelessly to perfect them. Lifting weights, stretching and running to build your strength, flexibility, and endurance, you give it everything you’ve got. Your love of the sport shines through in each backflip and vault. I sit in the stands and watch in awe and pride as you compete, knowing that this path is meant for you. And, my heart bursts when, every now and then, you look up at me in the stands and mouth the words “Did you see that, Mom?”

Parenting teens is full of second guessing decisions, worry that your child is making the right choices, and balancing between giving them rules and giving them independence. As I am in the thick of this stage right now with my two teens, I need to remember the wonderful things they have accomplished to balance some of the difficulties that go along with the “teen territory”. It’s so important to look at the positives when you’re going through parenting challenges and that’s why it’s great to have a valuable new resource like the Center for Parent and Teen Communication to help parents navigate the teen years. There are useful articles to educate parents on how to effectively communicate and strengthen relationships with their tweens/teens. Reading through the articles gave me a whole new perspective on my teens and helped me to revisit their strengths and accomplishments from the time when they were little and appreciate the present ones as well.
Check out the video below and then share some of your favorite Then and Now moments with me in the comments! It will be a welcome walk down memory lane!

Parenting Teens Then and now Celebrate the accomplishments

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