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15 Photos That Will Make You Want To Add A Trip To Bath, England To Your Bucket List

by Susan Pazera

Have you ever heard the quote “Some of the best adventures come from life’s unplanned moments”? Well, I can honestly say that this quote rang true for me during my trip to the United Kingdom last month.  I had originally planned to visit Edinburgh, Scotland, London, England, and Paris, France. Our itinerary was spending about 5 days in each city. The hotels were booked, tours scheduled, lists of restaurants and shopping districts…. and then the unfortunate terror attacks took place in London and Paris less than a month before my scheduled trip.

I have to admit I was very nervous to leave the country when so much tragedy and turmoil was taking place in the very cities I had planned to visit. If it had just been a solo trip I would not have been as worried but, I was traveling with my daughter, her friend, and my niece, and I was responsible for their safety. So, I started to look at other options that would work with the original flight/train plans that we already had in place.

I pulled up a map of the U.K and then randomly picked a city that wasn’t too far from London…. Bath…. and it turned out to be one of the best-unplanned decisions of my life! I knew nothing about Bath and didn’t really have the time to research anything other than the hotel where we were going to stay, however, the minute we arrived there, then I knew it was meant to be. Although we did still spend a few days in London, I was so glad we cut our time there short to make the lovely detour to Bath. I fell completely in love with this gorgeous city and now can’t wait to go back and spend more time there! It’s definitely a place that you want to add to your travel bucket list. Here are 15 photos to show you why! Enjoy!

River Avon

Pulteney Bridge

Parade Gardens

Streets Of Bath

Roman Baths



Have you ever visited Bath? If you have please share your favorite things about the City with us, and if not…. what are you waiting for?!!! Pack your bags and then get going! I have a feeling you will fall in love with the city of Bath just like I did!

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