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Showing Our #DisneySide

by Rebecca Plaisance



When asked what your Disney Side is, the answer is totally different for everyone. The fact that Disney can appeal to everyone in so many different ways is truly what the magic of Disney is all about. Disney invited us to host a Disney Side party. I knew that is was a great chance to let my daughter’s girl scout troop have some fun. The girls had a blast taking turns painting each other’s nails, making crafts, and more.

We asked the girls how they show their Disney Side. Their answers ranged from goofy smiles and dances to thoughtful comments. Some of the best had to do with embodying what it means to be a princess. I loved that the girls spent a lot of time talking about showing kindness, being smart, and worrying about what’s on the inside not on the outside. Not only is that what being a princess is all about but, it’s what I believe shows your Disney Side too. Disney encourages you to follow your heart, care for those around you, and to help make the world a better place. So here’s to some little princesses who already know how to show their #DisneySide!

Disney Side Fun!


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