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20 Clever DIY Organizing Ideas

by Susan Pazera

20 Clever DIY Organizing Ideas

20 Clever DIY Organizing Ideas

Clearing up clutter and getting things organized around the house is a neverending struggle. It can be tough to find a place for everything that keeps it all neat and tidy and organizing items can be costly to buy. These cute and clever DIY organizing ideas are simple to make but are as clever as anything you can find in a store. Give some of these DIY organizing ideas a try and see how much more streamlined your life can be!

DIY Storage Lockers via One Creative Mommy will keep your entry or mudroom neat and tidy. With bins and hooks for the kids’ things and a big shelf for mom to stash her necessities, you’ll always be ready to go. 

Jewelry Organizer via The Pinning Mama gives you a simple place to put your favorite jewelry while keeping it in easy reach. It’s simple to make with a frame, chicken wire, and some hooks. 

Purse Organizer from a Hot Pad via Practically Functional is such a simple way to store odds and ends. Make it from simple items around the house and then never rummage for tiny items in your bag again!

Hanging Hat Organizer via Beauty Bitten lets you display all of your favorite hats without risking damage. You’ll free up shelf space in the closet and of course, have a gorgeous way to show off your collection.

Pallet Garage Organizer via Unexpected Elegance organizes long, narrow items that are always falling over in the garage. Leftover wood pieces, rakes, shovels, and brooms will now have a permanent home. 

Barnwood Jewelry Holder via Hawthorne and Main will keep your favorite jewelry mess-free and also creates a gorgeous display on the wall. As a bonus, it’s easy to see what options you have as you’re getting ready!


Desktop DIY Organizing Ideas

Felt Cable Organizers via Inspired Charm gets all of those pesky cords wrapped up and organized in the desk drawer. See quickly what you have without needing to untangle a pile. 

DIY Craft Paint Stand via Homemaking Rebel is a simple way to store craft paint in vertical space. Quickly see what you have on hand and then start creating your next masterpiece. 

DIY Desk Organizer via Sugar & Cloth is a simple, but attractive way to keep your desk supplies organized. Clean up pens, pencils, and other small items so they’re on hand when you need them. 

Homework Station Turntable via Mom on Timeout helps end the excuses at homework time. No more whining about losing the pencils and crayons they need in order to get the job done. 

Mail Organizer via This Girl’s Life Blog gives you a place to sort important mail so it never gets lost in the shuffle. Ditch that messy mail pile for good!

Portable Crate Homework Station via Uncommon Designs makes it simple to set up the kids’ homework area wherever it is needed. Then, simply stash it away when it’s not in use. 


Bathroom DIY Organizing Ideas

Hair Tool Organizer via NellieBellie lets you stop tossing your hair tools under the sink in a tangle of cords. It even lets you put them up before they’ve cooled. 

Mason Jar Makeup Organizer via The Country Chic Cottage gives you a perfect and pretty place to stash your makeup. Decorate them to suit your look and then organize all your favorite items. 

Glitter Brush Organizer via Frugality Gal uses a few simple items to make a cute storage place for your makeup brushes. Choose a glitter color that matches your decor to pull it all together. 

Mason Jar Wall Organizer via Walking on Sunshine is a great way to organize small items in the bathroom without using counter space. It also makes a great wall hanging when decorating. 


Kitchen DIY Organizing Ideas

Plastic Grocery Bag Organizer via Happy Brown House will help you clean up that pile of bags under the sink. This one solves a problem so many of us have!

Kitchen Cup Organizer via Organize Your Stuff Now is a brilliant organizing item and overall life hack. Give everyone a place for their own cup, which cuts down on both dishes and waste.

Kitchen Utensil Drawer Organizer via Kevin & Amanda will get that messy utensil drawer under control. No more hunting for the vegetable peeler or pizza cutter!

DIY Keurig K-Cup Organizer via A Night Owl repurposes an old spice rack into a simple way to store your K-Cups. A simple, yet affordable, way to clear up clutter on the counter. 

20 Clever DIY Organizing Ideas

20 Clever DIY Organizing Ideas

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