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5 Reasons To Sail The Re-imagined Disney Magic ~ According to My Kids

by Susan Pazera


I recently had the opportunity to sail the Re-imagined Disney Magic with my 3 youngest children on a special 2 day media cruise. We had never been on a cruise before and, to be honest, I was a little nervous. I know the Disney Parks in Florida inside and out and I have a certain level of comfort when we’re there but, a cruise ship? I wasn’t sure if the same magical experiences we have had at the Parks would be achievable out at sea. Well, immediately upon our entry to the ship any doubts that I had were, pardon the pun, thrown overboard.

From the minute you step foot into the pre-boarding area right up until the time you depart the ship you experience the same outstanding level of service that Disney is known for. The pixie dusted feel of the Parks fills the entire cruise ship! The Disney Magic is a playground at sea and my kids loved every minute of our trip! I asked them to tell me their favorite things about the trip and here are their top reasons to sail the Disney Magic;

1.  The AquaDunk

This 3 story body slide was hands down my kids favorite activity on the ship. The ride starts at the highest point of the ship where you step into an enclosed entry tube.  Once in the tube you’ll hear Donald Duck do a countdown and then in..3,2, 1..the trap door floor drops out from under you and propels you through a 212-foot-long tube. The tube curves 20 feet out over the side of the ship and you rocket your way to a thrilling splashdown.

I’ll confess here and tell you that I really wanted ride the AquaDunk but …chickened out at the last minute. ( I am still catching flack on that from my little daredevils)  Here’s a tip on avoiding the line to ride the Aquadunk….go at night. My son was able to “do the Dunk” over and over again during the Pirate Party.( more about that below) You need to be at least 48″ or taller to ride and the operating hours vary so you’ll need to check the schedule in the daily newsletter that’s provided every day for each guest.  In the exact word of my kids...”the AquaDunk is awesome!”   

AquaDunk Water Slide


intheaquaduank2. The Oceaneer Club / The Oceaneer Lab

“Mom, can we please stay for a few more hours?” What??!! Seriously, when I went to pick my kids up from this dream of an activity center they didn’t want to leave. I don’t blame them, I wanted to stay and play there myself!
The Oceaneer Club has everything you need to keep kids entertained. Geared toward children ages 3 to 12 years the Oceaneer Club is designed as a library of stories. Your child can choose to have an adventure in Andy’s Room, Pixie Hollow, Marvel’s Avengers Academy, or the Mickey Mouse Club.

My youngest daughter

She got lost in the magical world of Pixie Hollow. She played dress-up in Tinker Bell’s teapot costume closet, did crafts, listened to storytelling sessions, and enjoyed computer time. Then she exhausted herself playing in Andy’s room. This area of the Oceaneer Club happens to be my favorite.  The level of detail makes you feel as if you are stepping right into Toy Story. From the Slinky Dog slide to the larger than life Mr. Potato Head, this section is the very definition of fun!

My little mighty Max

He couldn’t get enough of Marvel’s Avengers Academy and wasted no time getting into Super Hero mode as he played with the interactive video game that lets you become an Avenger! On display in this area is the equipment of some Avengers favorites—including Thor’s hammer, Captain America’s shield and Iron Man’s armor. In the Mickey Mouse Club section, kids are able to craft and play games on Mickey Mouse ear-shaped tables and also play “Goofy Gears”, a large-scale wall game. Decorated in Mickey’s signature colors of red, yellow, and black, there’s no mistaking that you are in the house of Mouse when you’re there.

My oldest daughter

Alexandra enjoyed the Animator’s Studio in the Oceaneer Lab. She learned how to sketch Disney Characters and was able to make some really incredible artwork keepsakes to bring home with her. Also in the Oceaneer Lab is the Captain’s workshop with computers, themed tables and maps, and original buccaneer-styled artwork, A Craft Studio where kids can create hands-on arts and crafts projects, and the Navigation Game Station;  a pirate-chest-themed computer station where kids can play a Pirates of the Caribbean multiplayer game. Navigator Simulators even let your young ones steer a ship through the mysterious waters of the Caribbean!

Children have the ability to move back and forth between Disney’s Oceaneer Club and Disney’s Oceaneer Lab. A secure, kid’s only hallway connects both venues, so children can move freely and experience activities between both spaces. Whew…that’s a lot of fun and entertainment for all ages!




3.  Animator’s Palate

The Animator’s Palate restaurant onboard the Disney Magic is the ultimate in Disney dining and truly brings the spirit and magic of Disney right to your table. You are treated to a fantastic meal and dinner show called “Drawn to the Magic. There is no description I can give here that can adequately describe how beautiful this show is. Disney characters come to life right before your eyes and the black and white interior of the restaurant is filled with vibrant colors.

My children were mesmerized and I was filled with emotion as we were immersed in the wonderful fairy tales that flashed across the screens around the restaurant.  Sorcerer Mickey made an appearance at the end of the show and, in true Mickey fashion, danced about and greeted dinner guests as he paraded around the restaurant. It may be an overused word to describe Disney experiences but MAGICAL, in every sense of the word, is really what the Animator’s Palate is.


4.  Buena Vista Theater

A movie theater…a huge movie theater..on a cruise ship?  My clan was in awe of  Buena Vista Theater.  The two older children were able to catch a screening of IronMan3 while I was attending an adult only event. This was the recap I got after the movie was over:

Me: “How was the movie guys?”

Alex: “It was great but Max kept elbowing me during the movie.”

Me: “Why were you doing that Max?”

Max: “All I did was elbow her and say “We’re watching a movie….we’re on a boat…on a BOAT…I can’t believe it!”

Alex: “Yeah Max, it is really cool but you elbowed me to say the same thing like a hundred times”

Max: “Because I kept forgetting we were on a boat. Then every time I remembered I couldn’t help telling you..it’s so awesome.”

There you have it, total and complete amazement over watching a movie on a boat  a cruise ship.


5.  Pirate Night

Pirate Night on the Disney Magic is a rollicking, musical, character filled, swash-buckling wonderful time. A band a pirates leads a  “Pirates in the Caribbean” song & dance party on deck and different characters join the fun throughout the evening. My own little pirate princess could not have been happier. She got to see herself dancing on the big screen above the stage and did a little jig with Chip on deck! It’s so much fun to mingle and meet other guests (most decked out in full Pirate gear) on board.

The kids really enjoyed getting to “party like a pirate” with new friends. The evening ends with none other than Mickey himself zip lining across the deck high overhead to introduce the fireworks show. The view of  fireworks over the ocean is breathtaking.  The look of pure joy on my kids faces as they were able to experience this fantastic site is something I’ll never forget.



In the two short days we spent on the Disney Magic we were able to make some very special memories. We can’t wait to book our next Disney Cruise and make some more! To book your stay or for more information on Disney Cruises visit www.disneycruiseline.com

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