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16 Earth Day Activities To Do With Kids

by Susan Pazera


16 Earth Day Activities to do with Kids

It’s important to think about and celebrate the Earth all year long. However, Earth Day is a day that the world comes together for this same purpose. You can find lots of wonderful local Earth Day activities to take part in, including volunteer opportunities and outdoor events. If you’re looking for something do to at home, this list of Earth Day activities will help! These crafty ideas will help you to teach your children about the Earth. They also share why we must take care of our planet on Earth Day and every day.

Earth Day Activities To Do With Kids

1. Earth Day Found Things Collage – Take a walk through nature to collect all the things you can find. Then, make a wonderful collage like the one from Kid Stuff World.

2. Earth Day Suncatcher – Simple glitter and glue combine to create a lovely suncatcher in this easy craft from No Time For Flash Cards.

3. Earth Day Playdough – Make your own play dough in the colors of the earth. Then let little hands create with this recipe from Natural Beach Living.

4. Handprint Earth Day Craft – This handprint Earth Day craft from Crafty Morning is a sweet Earth Day activity and is simple, too.

5. Layers of The Earth Felt Puzzle – Learn the layers of the Earth with this felt puzzle from Powerful Mothering, and then let kids explore.

6. Earth Day Crayons – Combine crayons to create and also recycle with this craft from Frogs, Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails.

7. Earth Day Keepsake – Once you make Teach Me Mommy’s Earth Day Keepsake, add a picture to commemorate the day.

8. Layers of Earth Playdough – Use playdough to teach about the layers of the Earth with Playdough to Plato’s recipe.

9. Earth Day Discovery Bottles – Make Earth Day Discovery Bottles with Little Bins for Little Hands and then learn Earth science facts.

10. Earth Day Puzzle – Print these Earth Day Puzzles from TotSchooling, which are a great on-the-go activity.

11. E is for Earth – Explore the letter E for Earth with Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas and their writing activities.

12. Earth Day Upcycled Suncatcher – Suncatchers from Books and Giggles are pretty to decorate for Earth Day, plus give back!

13. No Mess Painting In A Bag Earth Craft – Still Playing School teaches us how to paint the Earth without making a mess!

14. How Paper Is Recycled – Learn how paper is recycled from Schooling a Monkey, and then try it for yourself.

15. Earth Day Garland – No Time For Flash Cards’ Earth Day garland makes an easy, pretty craft to do with little ones.

16. Egg Shell Garden – Finally, the Schooling a Monkey Egg Shell Garden teaches a great recycled item science lesson.

These are just a few Earth Day Activities that you can do with kids. Get out and explore what your area has to offer. Find a way to volunteer and give back. Be creative and come up with your own ideas. Ask your kids how they would like to care for the Earth. Above all, enjoy your day and celebrate the Earth together!

Happy Earth Day, everyone!

16 Earth Day Activities to do with kids

16 Earth Day Activities to do with kids

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