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Live The Pura Vida Life As A Digital Nomad In Costa Rica

by Susan Pazera
Rio Celeste Waterfall photographed in Costa Rica.


Rio Celeste Waterfall in Costa Rica.

Rio Celeste Waterfall in Costa Rica

Live The Pura Vida Life As A Digital Nomad In Costa Rica

Have you ever dreamed of living the Pura Vida life? Well, pack your bags and say Hello to paradise because Costa Rica has finalized the regulations for the Digital Nomads Law (Law No.10,008). This was the final step required to implement the new law, which allows foreign remote workers and their families to reside in Costa Rica for a term of one year, extendable to two years total. The regulations approved by President Chaves Robles create a new sub-migratory category called the fifth instance, in which there will be a maximum of 15 days to resolve application requests, which can be made through a digital platform.

Digital Nomads Law

This law allows foreign workers to offer digital services remotely, and settle in the country with a visa for a period of one year, during which time they receive benefits such as not paying income tax, or import tax on equipment necessary for their labor. Applicants must have a minimum income of $3,000 USD per month if they travel alone, or $4,000 if they are traveling with their families.
Beautiful tropical Pacific Ocean coast in Costa Rica

Why Costa Rica:

Costa Rica offers experiences for every type of traveler, including family, adventure, wellness, luxury and more. While many tropical countries have changing weather patterns, Costa Rica enjoys 12 different tropical microclimates and pleasant weather throughout the year, with temperatures typically ranging from 70 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit.

The country’s unique topography allows for a wide array of thrilling experiences, like ziplining and waterfall rappelling, or “softer” experiences, such as bird-watching and forest bathing. Costa Rica’s various landscapes and accommodation options allow remote workers to live the Pura Vida lifestyle through Costa Rica’s seven touristic regions.

Costa Rica has been recognized as one of the happiest countries on Earth by the Gallup World Index and the Happy Planet Index.

I’ll be learning more about Costa Rica and the Digital Nomad Visas in the coming weeks and will be sure to share all of the information about this beautiful country and all it has to offer! Stay tuned!

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