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15 Fun Free Things For Families To Do

by Susan Pazera
Family On The Beach

Family On The Beach


15 Fun Free Things for Families to Do

Weekends are a time for family togetherness and fun, but that often means spending money on outings or activities. When the entertainment budget is tight or you want to save your funds for something special, finding free things for families to do together is important. Here are a few great ways to enjoy time as a family without opening your wallet!

  1. Visit a Family Member or Friend – Spend your day having some quality time with a friend or family member that you haven’t seen in awhile. Bring along a homemade treat to enjoy together!
  2. Work in the Yard or Garden – Get out in the yard and freshen things up. Plant something new, weed flower beds, or rake leaves together. When you work together, everything is more fun!
  3. Play Outdoor Games – Teach the kids some of your favorite outdoor games from childhood. Games like tag, hide and seek, four-square, and other classics are just as much fun today as they were back then!
  4. Go on a scavenger hunt – Create a list of items to find around the house, the yard, or even the local park. Split up into teams and compete to see who finds everything first.
  5. Cook a meal together – Make dinner a family affair. Everyone can pitch in and make their favorite dish, help with prep, or even little ones can just set the table.
  6. Watch a Local Sporting Event – Local youth sports teams often have games on the weekend and many don’t charge an admission fee. Go watch a friend play or just take in a sport you enjoy.
  7. Bird Watching – Grab a pair of binoculars and an identification guide. See how many birds you can spot around your home or neighborhood.
  8. Video Game Tournament – Let the kids teach the parents how to play their latest favorite games, then go head to head in a tournament. Screen time is better when spent together!
  9. Outdoor movies – Sometimes towns and community organizations offer outdoor movies in the evenings during warmer weather, often free of charge.
  10. Take a Photo Walk – Grab your phone, turn on your camera app, and take a photo walk around town. Choose a theme for your photography or just grab lots of cool or unusual shots to enjoy.
  11. Go Bowling – Though not entirely free, bowling lanes that participate in Kids Bowl Free give 2 free games per day in summer months to kids who have signed up. Parent bowling fees and shoe rentals will need to be covered, but it’s a really great deal.
  12. Visit the Beach or Lake – Raid the pantry for some snacks to pack. Then head out to soak up some sun as you lounge in the sand or on the lakeshore.
  13. Check Out Library Programming – Your local library is a great source of free activities for families. Story hours, craft nights, and magic shows are just a few of the things that can be found to enjoy.
  14. Volunteer together – Use your family time to give back. Visit a local nursing home, clean up a park, volunteer at a soup kitchen or food bank. Just be sure to call ahead and make sure that all ages are allowed to lend a hand.
  15. Go Fishing – Grab your fishing poles and spend a lazy afternoon at the river or lake, catching dinner. Even if you aren’t successful, it’s a great chance to enjoy each other and bond.

No matter what you’re in the mood to do or whether you want to be indoors or out, there are plenty of free ways to spend time as a family! What free things for families you do together to spend time but not money?


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