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The Happy’s ~ Meet Your Child’s Favorite New Toy! #TheHappys

by Susan Pazera


This past February I was introduced to this year’s hottest new toy “The Happy’s” and, I have to say, I wanted one for myself just as much as I did for my kids! I mean, a pet that you don’t have to feed or clean up after??!!  What’s not to love?? The Happy’s are the most adorable interactive pets and they give you plenty of reasons to love them; They do tricks, beg, chase balls, make over 25 different sounds, and much more! Take a quick peek at this video to see what I mean;

You’ll fall in love with these furry friends as they entertain your child and, if you are anything like me, you might just find yourself tossing around a ball and playing fetch with them even when the kids are nowhere in sight! There’s Bentley, a Golden Retriever, 
Sport, a Goldendoodle, Chance, a Beagle, and Mittens, a fluffy white Kitty! Each Happy has their own unique personality and each has their own special treat that unlocks different tricks. All of the treats can be used with any of The Happy’s.
Playsets and accessories also available to add more fun & interaction with your special Happy! My daughter has Mittens the Kitty and she loves and cares for her as if she were a real pet. She likes to make her purr and can’t wait for me to bring home another “Happy” friend for Mittens. Here she is explaining how they work;

The Happy’s Review

The Happy’s are available for sale at Target, Walmart, Toys-R-Us, and Justice. A perfect gift for Boys or Girls, any one (or all )of these toys would be a wonderful addition to your child’s Easter Basket this year! So, what are you waiting for? Get your dose of fun and happiness by purchasing one of The Happy’s today! 
playground with petsBentley tennis3
playground with pets
**I was given one of The Happy’s as a gift when I attended Toy Fair in NYC this past February…All opinions are my own.**
playground with pets

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